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Mango's Rocks on Chrismas!

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All the coolest cats I know showed up at Mangos last night to celebrate the launch of this site, International Women's Day, and incidentally, my 31st birthday: Chrismas.

Mark Harrison showed up for a surprise cameo from NYC! When I arrived, beautiful Tim, Kathleen, Auggie, and Craig were there at the bar. I had arrived on my track bike and before I finished my first Red Stripe, Tanya and Joel, Wendy, Brad, Amy, Tracy, Leigh, Scott (my personal guru), Pepper, Michelle, Cheryl, Mark, and Diane were there to help me celebrate my status as an international woman, albeit a butch international woman, for sure.

Chris Willoughby, the owner, and his amazing and flirty cast, made our night so amazing and I would recommend Mangos for any gathering, party, nightlife. Make it next Thursday night and you will find me. Go Tuesday night and you will be able to read your poetry at an open mike poetry reading. How cool is that? Well cool! Also, Prince has been there. it does not get better than this. This was one might fine Birthday. I had no tab at the end of the night: excellent and thanks friends. Finally, thanks to Leigh for the playmobil toys and to Kathleen for the amazing book.

Mar 09, 2001 11:10 AM | Comments (0)
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