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Born at around 3am, 31-years ago

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I was born in a Jersey City, NJ, hospital 31 years ago after a very easy pregnancy and quite premature.

4#6oz. A premie. The son of Barbara Ann Abraham and Robert John Abraham, both 33 and dizzyingly beautiful; both desperately in love with each other. Never lost an ounce. A happy child, listening to the Beatles and Barbra Streisand records while jouncing on the jolly jumper.

This is a very introspective time and as it is not my 30th any more, it is less of a panic -- as it was around six months ago -- than it is a time to sit down and reconsider my vector. There has been so much exploration, travel, love, friendship, excitement, thrills, and intimacy in the last 13-years since my graduation from Hight School.

Quite the grasshopper, really.

It might be time to spend more of my energies in fitting better into the rigid exoskeleton of the worker bee.

In the past, there was no future; now, the future looms and looms and looms and I have a long life available to me if I so choose and I need to slow to a lope so that I may finish the race -- the journey rather -- with plenty of energy, rest, leisure, passion, desire, and -- as I wrote before -- exploration, travel, love, friendship, excitement, thrills, and intimacy.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way!

Mar 07, 2001 09:30 PM | Comments (0)
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