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Cycling with Shane at CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike

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Riding with Shane during Wednesday night Wine Down Wednesday was a thrill. He's got excellent pacing and I performed well.

Riding with Shane during Wednesday night Wine Down Wednesday was a thrill. He's got excellent pacing and I performed well.

And he, like Natalie and Sylva, was very cool about my riding my own ride. For example, I don't do any bike-dancing yet or bike pushups or other fore-aft or side-to-side stuff. And yes, there was wine afterward and I did partake. CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike is good like that. Thanks, Marina.

I sprint, steady state, rest, stand up and drink water. I don't use the weighted bar they offer or do those exercises. I am not anti them, I am just not there yet. I think I like bike 40 a lot because otherwise, my fat belly can't get between rather close-together bikes that are in the studio. Bike 40 is near the mirror near a DJ booth.

Lots of light and good visual access to the Instructor and nobody's behind me and there's also plenty of room around me. I like that better than being in the back. It's also easier to get in and out if I am ever a little late or need to leave a little early for whatever reason.

I found the flow and got into the zone. I think I got my sleep and nutrition and my hydration right and was able to produce over 300 watts during hard sprints. I still can't keep 100% going for 45-seconds but I am good for 30, all out. 

I am still trying to sort out TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, and Strava so that I can track my performance and progress over time. 

I want to see the progress of power (Watts), speed (RPM), fitness, and all that stuff. Heart rate, etc, of course.  This looks like it's sort of that sort of thing on Strava so I will come back to this when I can.

 My next ride is again with Sylva Hříbková. She's fierce and friendly and a force of nature. You could run a block on her. And she's ESL enough that her word choices are cool and unique. She calls us "ladies and gents" while Shane just calls us that date of the class, "hey Wednesday." Each instructor is unique.

Walking Workout

I make myself walk the mile to CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike and back, so I like to include that in my workout:










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