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Chris and Nico Radio Interview

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Tonight Nico Grubert and I, Chris Abraham, were interviewed by Bill and Dave of The Computer Report for broadcast on Talkradio 980 WCAP, broadcast every Saturday afternoon from 4:00-6:00. Eastern Time! So it would I guess be this Saturday 15 December at 4pm EST.

We were interviewed about the new No Starch book called The Book of Zope which totally rocks more than we could have ever envisioned!

See, Nico is one of the writers of the book and I am Managing Director of beehive North America. I really must applaud the gang at beehive GmbH for the amazing book, to Casey Duncan for the terrific Technical Editing, and to Amanda Staab from No Starch who set this all up.

Geez, I hope they allow us to link to the streaming audio!

Oct 11, 2001 12:00 AM