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What Chris' Friends Think He Knows

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When I wrote a blog post about what Mark thought I knew, my friends added a bunch...

After I posted What Is It That Chris Knows? I got a lot of follow-ups from my friends, all of which are lovely...

From Elizabeth Johnston:

  • will work for food
  • has nice skin
  • drives small cars up big hills
  • utilizes sexy phone voice (a la mark harrison)
  • reliable and trustworthy
  • remembers birthdays
  • good with parents
  • photographer extraorinaire
  • has credit cards and isn't afraid to use 'em
  • knows more about feminism than many women
  • plays ball with inner child
  • will travel 

From Bleik Pickett


From Joel Burton

  • professional flirting
  • party planning
  • networking (human not computer)
  • creative journaling
From Stephanie Kaye
  • Wicked Party Thrower
From Janet Smalley
  • the King and I meets Elvis
  • has rosy cheeks
  • a cunning linguist AND a master debator
  • world traveler
  • thinks rich, lives frugal
  • event (a.k.a party) planner
  • in love with a dog

Oct 18, 2002 10:30 AM