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Great River Flour Milling Yellow Corn Grits

Great River Flour Milling yellow corn grits are my favorite everyday stone ground yellow corn grits, bar none. I order it in packages of four from Amazon. Delicious for breakfast and for shrimp and grits dinner.

I like the way Great River Flour Milling yellow corn grits taste. I like the yellow color. They don't taste terribly over-processed. The yellow grits taste a little sweeter. Good price. Available Prime on Amazon for only $13.99 for 4-24 oz. bags After you boil 3 cups of water, it only takes 5 minutes to simmer and then let it sit for ten and you're good for 4 portions with one cup of dry. I bought some expensive blue corn grits and they looked very cool but I can't really taste the difference. Also, I think they are organic, for what that's worth.  When I want to show off for someone food-wise, I will pick up a 1.5 lb. pack of Geechie Boy Mill Heirloom Jimmy Red grits but they're $21.90 for a lot less product. Heritage, though: "Sean Brock, owner of the restaurants Husk and McCrady’s, cooks Jimmy Red Corn in his traditional Southern dishes like shrimp and grits."

Great River Milling, Corn Grits, Non-Organic, 24 Ounces (Pack of 4)