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There is magic

8:21) chris abraham 07-OCT-97 16:16
There is magic

Marasmius oreades

There is magic. I have never doubted it. When I
saw my first exorcism, I couldn't believe what I
was seeing. It really didn't appear possible to
be taken by a demon. Demons are not for real.
The other night, running through the close boughs
of the forest, the fingers picking at my clothing;
the bugs biting through the skin and into vessels, I
caught sight of several iridescent beetles darting
several steps off the trail in a small bright

I changed my course, away from the strong river,
and came upon wild mushrooms formed in a circle.
The bugs were gone and the trees were still. Even
the birds had decided to zip their mouths.

Marasmius oreades, also known as the fairy ring mushroom or fairy ring champignon, is a mushroom native to North America and Europe. Its common names can cause some confusion, as many other mushrooms grow in fairy rings, such as the edible Agaricus campestris and the poisonous Chlorophyllum molybdites.