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Rothko Chapel

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I visited Houston for a while in 1996. The Rothko Chapel is worth visiting Houston to see. It really can convince even the most resolute naysayer that there is something greater than ourself.

Octagonal Chapel with Skylight
Dark canvas panels
Purple Panel Majesty
And the stroke of the brush
in the dusty oppression of
the low sky through the skylight
tromp d'oeil, i cannot see the
texture as these works are too
subtle for the neophyte for to
me, the works were a somber
memento to that which is spirit,
the dire seriousness of the other
as we pass from here to there
trying to be severe but for some
reason, i am being told more about
the severe than i feel for i feel
not in the house of god, but in
a queer room, dark and dank,
without residence, vacant in its
sparsity. Challenging as I am not
sure if nihilism wasn't the intent
after all. After all, what can the
intent be?

©1996 chris abraham

Aug 15, 1996 12:00 AM