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Farewell Sonnet

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Not by me but by Kathryn Medland, Mike Crow, and Mark Harrison back in 1996

I'd like to write a note to say goodbye. I think our time together has to end.
I used to love you, now I wish you'd die. But maybe someday we can still be friends 

And by the way, you have a funny face.
Your stench offends my sense of decency. Your mere existence is a waste of space, not worth the match to burn your effigy. 

Your momma doesn't love you, so she said. You have no friends, your dog left town in shame. A coffin gets more action than your bed. Your daddy loathes the moment that he came. 

And I can't help but laugh, 'cuz your life sucks. Oh, don't forget, you owe me fifty bucks. 

©1996 Kathryn Medland, Mike Crow, Mark Harrison