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Club AZ

pressing of personalities and the heavy fibre of femme presses into my sinuses and half the sneezing is from that oestre aggro an anger at ever being had and falling for the az falling for the fawn falling for the little man in compassion to the big huge muscular testicular femme and they do not use their bodies to destroy now although sex with them must be enormous and powerful and strenuous and pulses taken and love is secondary to prowess and i am told that sex, to a woman, is penetration and not the act of making love not the act of making love and clerks was referenced and a thousand blow jobs does not sex make does not sex make and yet I disagree and so might you but we'll never know because any work put in edgewise is lopped off like a prominent neck under the hatched,, as any prominent appendage that is considered inappropriate and here we are in a dark room late at night in the blue mountains in three separate beds in the cecil hotel and i am being yelled at for being general for being vague and then sucked back into the whole women versus male thing and i said: i don't think that women are any less the object of victimisation than ever and it is only in the perceiving that there is any difference -- now there are certain variations of victimization that results in as much if not more injury as anything else but is sanctioned but is sanctioned by progress by progressiveness... free love is fine and if it feels good than god help you do it go with it take it in your mouth and let it become engorged with the blood of desire with the blood leading to a nice come but not into the wedding chapel and even if marriage is not the goal, then some sort of support maybe like your daddy didn't give maybe like the mum forgot to ask the daddy to give late at night or the way an uncle touched early on and there is such perversity such low expectations such unhappiness with the fucking with the cock with the coming with the g-sport the elusive club in sydney with the touching as the body image and the : well, i knew that i was desirable if i could touch his body if i could touch his body and it is I who considers the sex all of it from the met glance from the met glance onward and upward all though the seduction or not even if it is not the seduction that is being used right there right here it is in a way effecting the way you look the way you stare the way you touch and if touched what can we expect -- yes its the az that they feel, yes it is the az that they feel and wanted and needed and yet he did everything but the fuck what the fuck who the fuck and sometimes late at night when the covers are close to the eyes and yet you speak freely in the dark like over the phone with people who are also in the room like camp or the sleep over then there you go defcon 4 and the covers really fly off and the things hit defcon 4 maybe five and annihilation and things become very sketchy but i know how these wonderbabes feel -- that they have everything sussed and collins too they have the academy they have the lesbian continuum they have the awards the scholarships the grants and the super vibrating purple dildo and they have partied to explore the cervix and they are sexual animals and they feel the body is an art and yet is is their greatest weakness as i have yet to see these woman seduce and yet i have seen it in dance i have seen the dance of the seen veils in their leotards and champion sweats and bared feet and it have seen their womanliness in the heft of their breasts and the width of the hips and the lack of a cock and i looked hard for one but no and yet there is no really love life life love loverfriend who gives them any more than the quicky and a dulled ro dumb look when this honest self realised superbabe says something against the rules like: I think we have something very real here and I would like to explore it.

and yet az still is very real to them and yet az is still very much an issue because the roles were reversed and they became desperate and their hearts were broken and they are not used to losing and losing to such a good winner and there most certainly is a point of contention here a point that is well taken and like I said before I full understand.


anyway, ce n'est pas grave, mate --

what I was trying to figure out is this: i am told that there is a great amount of sadness and meekness and one trick pony in the great Seduction. I parried and said: it is the te dance, it is the true art, it is a trueness of lies lies lies and yet the reason there is such animosity is because you fell into a trap that wasn't even planted for you you fell for something that is akin to friendly fire to the bear trap that nets an amazon and then questions asked are pathetic such as why don't you like me it makes me want to puke it make straightforwardness seam very unhealthy to me because the very nature of people is the veils is under the veil and that is not true at all as it we as men are very annoyingly blunt aren't' we very big sweaty happy horny puppies with our little red sheaths all flapping back and forth back and forth and we pant and pant and if the love comes from above and not from the hem of a dress what then what then where? from the tree from the serpent and az its fun isn't it its fun to pick and choose to play the field but not in the way of most for like as when because as a result and as beaudriard said: sex is never the goal of seduction but it is a resultant -- to be taken or thrown back into the mix for even a more potent potent concockstion... why stuck in this mangrove of cocks why sinking into the swampland of hot steamy cunts?

is that what its all about? almost want to wash my hands of the whole mix but i am never one to give up because it is all so much fun to flit about to involve oneself with harvesting all the cream off of the flaccid skim, to have the cream oozing down your arms and into the boots and shoo away hummingbirds and kittens and the buzzing bees and having so much bliss here fitting flitting flitting and its such a rage when the response of my amazons who are both super babes super cool well brill but also a little too much estroaggro to bear some times is that az will end up an old unhappy man who leaves the table with noting a hollow shell but I don't see that and it isn't very intentional as is anything -- it is all based on love on friendship, on support -- on everything but the fucking on everything but the fucking but as always into time eternal a man, like a dog, who is hesitant in fucking in dipping the wick in popping it in in spunking or here in OZ it is ROOTING about -- that dogman is suspect and most probably a fag... or worse -- not interested... it is all quite a laugh and I really must add that i have very little tolerance for this sort of thing, lovers

©1996 Chris Abraham