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20:39) Chris Abraham 06-OCT-94

Sharon Olds thinks of the Pope's penis:
A bell's clapper within the robes.

Mark thinks of the universe as a WWW
Mark considers the earth a self-directed
home page.

I wish I hadn't loosened the spout
of this frail ineffective reducing valve.

As we are, I am a mouse, not l'homme de la

I never run horns first into a wall painted red.

Is this perception not akin to getting around
as though freed from crutches, or is it
Robb said, "we have never experienced this before.
I know what the chemical effects are, and it isn't

He said this while mark and I began to
share the URL that allowed us to link to other
more graphical pages.

forwards ..... backwards ..... link ...... or...... rewind