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20:35) Chris Abraham 04-OCT-94

I spent the evening under the influence

and saw right through the paltry haze
under which I have spent my days before
the page, a pen gripped tight, pressing
out the butts into an empty tea cup.

I watched the night glow in RGB.
I saw the devil in a friend.
I spoke a world of talk with only
the briefest of words like Huxley
might have during his aged voyages
beyond on the wings of the fetid cactus.

We viewed in the face of the other
Family trees and idolatry and shape was
indeterminate. Shape is indeterminate.
All of a sudden, Mersault was both
free to act and kill, but held accountable
here, immediate, stuck enough not to
rip the fibres of the space, of the time.

"We live in a home page. We decided
and agree to live here, and to have
all of our hyper link s pointed to
themselves," said my friend. Some
understand what there are link s away,
to other pages where here and now was
is and will be before and later. At once.

An eight hour regression, a full SCSI
link when used to the printer cable, the
local talk. Crashing together in main line
to where we were inside the other's head.
"Oh, stop those parlour games!" he yelled
heavily when I began to realize the strange
sensation of our world and it's existence
as only a self-directing home-page. The
bottom of the hot list, the forgotten
arrogant html.

It is the oversoul of the Germans, borrowed
by Emerson.

It is the portal of the religious, like
a pinprick showing but a portion of all
the time/space link s. The World Wide Web,
the internet, is as close as we shall come
to the true self-sustaining self-preservation
of our universe. Ripe with virii and
AI, rife with synapses and nerve ending, with
no central control but rather wholey dependent.
To kill one node, the rest reroutes and persists.

And then it was morning. And then my head
throbbed. And then I stood and shook it off.
And then I went home to bed. And then I could
never be sure as to exactly what had happened.
I was a little ashamed to have opened so widely
the reducing valve like taking too much water
from a pressurized hoze-- one winces and gags.
I wish I had remained innocent and blase and
a little stupid. I was warned that this isn't
what's supposed to happen.

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