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2023 Concept2 Dog Days of Summer Indoor Rowing Erging Challenge

The Dog Days of Summer runs from August 1–28 and features a different total distance goal each week.
When Aug 01, 2023 12:00 AM to
Aug 28, 2023 12:00 AM
Where Concept2 Online Logbook
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The Details

  • Complete each of the following four distance goals during the timeframes indicated and log them in your online logbook:
    • Week 1, Aug. 1–7: 10,000 meters
    • Week 2, Aug. 8–14: 20,000 meters
    • Week 3, Aug. 15–21: 30,000 meters
    • Week 4, Aug. 22–28: 40,000 meters
    The distance goals do not have to be done in one sitting, but must be done during the timeframe indicated. By the end of the challenge, you will have accumulated 100,000 meters.
2023 Concept2 Dog Days of Summer Erg Challenge
  • Indoor rower, on water, SkiErg, on snow and BikeErg meters count.
  • Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge.
  • This is an individual challenge. There is no sign up. You do not need to belong to a team to participate.
  • Meters must be entered online.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with an online logbook at can participate in this challenge.

Incentives and Rewards

Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy:

  • Name inclusion on the Challenge Honor Board.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate.
  • The option to purchase Dog Days of Summer items from our third-party fulfillment vendor (availability varies by country).

About Concept2

Concept2 is a company known for creating high-quality rowing machines used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation professionals around the world. The company was founded in 1976 by Dick and Peter Dreissigacker. Let's explore the history of Concept2 as well as the history of the Concept2 Dog Days of Summer Challenge and other online challenges hosted by the company.

History of Concept2:

Concept2 began with the idea of creating more efficient and affordable oars for the rowing community. They soon expanded their offerings to include indoor rowing machines. The Model A, their first rowing machine, was introduced in 1981, and it became a game-changer in the industry.

The company has continued to innovate, releasing several iterations of their rowing machines, including the Models B, C, D, E, and the Dynamic, each with improvements and new features. Concept2's indoor rowers have become a standard in the rowing community, including Olympic athletes and CrossFit gyms.

History of Concept2 Online Challenges:

Concept2 has engaged the rowing community by offering online challenges and events that allow individuals to compete and track their progress. These challenges have included both individual and team competitions and have provided motivation for rowers at all levels.

Some of the regular challenges include:

  • World Erg Challenge: An annual global challenge that encourages teams to row as many meters as possible during a specific time frame.
  • Holiday Challenge: A seasonal challenge often taking place during the holiday season, with opportunities for rowers to donate to charity.

These and other challenges have become a hallmark of Concept2's engagement with the rowing community, fostering a sense of competition, collaboration, and camaraderie.

History of the Dog Days of Summer Challenge:

The Dog Days of Summer Challenge is one of Concept2's specific seasonal challenges, typically held during the summer months. Participants are encouraged to complete a series of rowing distances over the course of the challenge, often coinciding with the hottest "dog days" of summer.

The challenge's name comes from the "Dog Days" of summer, a period typically associated with the hottest, most uncomfortable part of the season. The phrase itself has ancient origins, linked to the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, in conjunction with the sun during this time.

This challenge is known for being both fun and demanding, and it encourages participants to stay active and motivated during a time of year when outdoor activity might otherwise be limited by the heat.


Concept2 has played a pivotal role in the rowing community since its founding, with innovative products and engaging challenges. Their online challenges like the Dog Days of Summer have brought together rowers from all over the world, fostering a sense of community and competition that transcends geographical boundaries. These challenges reflect Concept2's commitment to promoting fitness, fun, and the sport of rowing.

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