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Zope 2.3.1 is All Growed Up

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I am exploring the fun and function of Zope's new version, Zope 2.3.1 and I must say that the hacked feel is very mature, intuitive, and finished right out of the box.

Zope 2.3.1 is All Growed Up

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There are many more tools available now for being able to install Zope as a Web Application Server, including a full range of support and products for the entire range of Relational Database solutions, XML tools, Integration with PHP and Perl, a true Object Oriented development platform that leverages the power and simple elegance of Python. Its very easy to use and its even easier to set up authentication schemes for any number of people who need access to only their part of the site.

Zope 2.3.1 is scaleable and is the perfect tool to add dynamic content to your Web Site. Give it a go, and if you need help, check out the eBook Tutorials.

Apr 12, 2001 12:00 AM