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Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1999

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I must say that I have been leasing this car since 1999 and I have had nothing but amazing experiences with it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1999

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 1999

Aside from the abysmal gas mielage and the cost of keeping her fed, she doesn't do anything wrong. She, Terra II, gets oil changes and too few baths, but with a Dog, and with a tendency to go antiquing, I would say that this is the coolest car I could imagine in truck form. I prefer to go either roadster or land rover, but this is an awesome SUV.

It drives like a car, 4-wheels as good as any, and the V6 is not too hurtful to accelleration. Terra II has a V6, has 4-wheel drive but not QuadraTrac -- there are a lot of levels above, even with the Laredo, and then there is the Limited.

I love the Taupe of the Jeep and I am happy we didn't go leather, but there is something I would recommend, which is seat memory. Michelle is 5' and I am 6'4" and it would have been very good if we could have had that change with the click of a button.

I have never been caretaker to a new car before and it sure is a spoiling kind of thing I highly recommend.

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