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Why Consistency is Key to Successful Marketing

Marketing is a pretty nuanced business. Your aim is to subtly but very effectively push the consumer towards your products or services when they (usually) have a whole bunch of options available to them.

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Most people don’t like the hard sell, so you have to very carefully get them to think about you without shouting in their face by my stuff! The key to doing this is undoubtedly consistency.

Brands like Coca-Cola and Apple aren’t just so successful because they create great products that people want to buy - although that is a big part of it - they are so successful because they have managed to create consistency in their products and the way they are marketed. As soon as we see those red and white cans, we know what we’regoingn to get, right? But how exactly does consistency convince people to buy?

Consistency Markets at a Higher Level

Consistency isn’t about rying to convince the consumer to come and spend some money in your store or to buy the products that you have made it is far more subtle than that. By using the same branding and logo, etc. throughout your campaigns and on your products - something that good document management software can help you with - you get the customer to be familar with you. They know who you are and what they are about and that makes them feel more comfortable about buying your stuff. If your brand is designed in a specific way to be pleasing to your target audience, it will also plant seeds that they should check you out and buy from you, all without you even saying a single word to try and convince them.

Consistency Makes Your Business Seem Reliable

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Consistency and reliability go hand in hand, right? McDonalds food might not be gourmet, but they get so much business because everyone knows exactly what they will get when they go there. If you’re in an unfamiliar location, it can be tough to work out where to eat because you don’t know how good the food willbe or what the hygiene practices are like, but if you see a McDonalds, you know right away that you can rely on them. It’s the same for any business that offers consistency - people know what to expect and they like that so thety are more likely to buy. Not only that, but it makes your message clearer and that helps the consumer to work out who you are and what you’re about.

Consistency Fosters Trust

Consumers are more likely to buy brands that they have heard of before and they are more likely to have heard about your brand if you spend lots of time marketing and putting out a consistent mesages. If you do this, you will become like the wallpaper in the background, but in the best possible way, so if they need something that you sell, they will feel that they can trust you because, you know, you are always there and you seem very reliable.

Be consistent and you will sell more.