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We at Gerris have returned to the drawing board

During the lull that's happened in the first weeks of the global Coronovirus shutdown, we at Gerris have returned to the drawing board to reconsider who and what we are as a team and an agency.
We at Gerris have returned to the drawing board

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We polled both out core team and our extended team on what we want to do for the rest of our lives--and what we want to do. Life's too short for an agency like ours to do anything we're not excited--passionate--about.

We also dug real deep into what everyone--from our core team all the way to teams we've worked and collaborated with--to see what their full capabilities are, as opposed to simply what we've known them for (or how we've used them).

It turns out that we're not a social media management company, we're a social media strategy and consulting company. It's closer to a "if you teache a client to fish instead of selling them fish" scenario.

It also seems like we've got an extreme amount of untapped potential anmd mad skills in the world of web and application development across sundry platrforms and ecommerce engines; what's more, we have untapped and under-appreciated video production and video editing, filming, and visual SOMETHING SDOMETHING SOME SHIT as well.

Of course, we're thriving in the online reputation management game. And we're passionate about it. We've expanded to a hybrid version of SEO we like to call online perception management (because it's not always just about getting a client's site to the top of Google for a list of keywords or phrases, it's often about curating a Google experience that appeals to an individual. Putting the best foot forward. I used to call it Onlie Reputation Armoring, but people never ever paid for pre-fortifying their online reputations before besmirchment, only after they or their company has been attacked online and in the news.