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This blog has transitioned from Feedburner to

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Since FeedBurner is going into maintenance mode in July I have transitioned my blog's email subscription to
This blog has transitioned from Feedburner to

FeedBurner is going into maintenance mode July, 2021

I have transitioned this blog to a new service called It's just like Feedburner but better and actually being maintained. If you want to subscribe to this blog via email or if you use as your reader, then you can add me or subscribe to me via email here: 

I have been using Google's underwhelming Feedburner service since it launched back in 2003. And, like all Google services that actually work, Feedburner is giving up the ghost in July of this year. It's actually not dying, it's just becoming a zombie. But the service is useless now because it will no longer email my blog posts to subscribers.

I have transitioned to a similar-but-better service that is mostly free but also offers value-added services that you can choose to pay for, such as additional statistics and better, more refined, analytics.  


Notice from Google on Feedburner

Beginning in July, 2021, FeedBurner will go into maintenance mode. Existing feeds will continue to serve indefinitely, and existing users can download past usage statistics and email subscriptions. Users will still be able to create new accounts and burn new feeds. However, some existing features, like email subscriptions and detailed analytics, will no longer be supported.

Here are the key reasons why you should switch to

  • Reliable email delivery: Emails land in inbox, not spam folders, due to’s excellent sender reputation
  • Mature: (and its predecessor SpecificFeeds) has been around for over 5 years
  • Free:’s “Basic”-plan includes many features, allows unlimited followers & emails, and is 100% free; optional premium plans are priced very fairly
  • Used by many: is used by over 100,000 websites
  • Cool filter options: Your followers can do much more with your feed, e.g. see Techcrunch’s follow page as example
  • More delivery channels: It’s not only email – followers have a choice of delivery channels which include RSS, news page, Telegram, and several others to be available soon
  • Legal compliance: We take legal matters seriously, esp. see our Privacy Policy and learn about our GDPR compliance
  • Integrations: You can use Zapier with, e.g. to sync your followers’ emails to your other email applications or CRM
  • Excellent reviews: We’re getting very positive feedback from our users, such as the highly tech-savvy AppSumo community
  • Use pop-ups for free: MyPopUps is free for all users
  • Multiple languages: is already available in several languages (you can see them at the bottom right on here), and we’ll keep translating it into more
  • Keep innovating: We’re only getting started – have a look at the planned enhancements on our Product Roadmap
  • Excellent documentation & support: In addition to our thorough documentation, we take pride in our top-notch customer support. Whenever you have a question, just ask! We’ll respond swiftly.

Other Google Apps That Have Broken My Heart by Shutting

  • Feedburner
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Reader (I miss this the most)
  • Google+ (I was a big deal on G+)
  • Orkut (Not grokked it)
  • Picasa
  • Picnik