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The Newly-Minted Mr. and Mrs. Van Praagh

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I arrived home at 0430 this morning. On Thursday night, Mark and I headed off in my Jeep towards Saint James, NY, in order to attend the wedding of Mr. Ian Van Praagh and Miss Anne Brossard. This was no ordinary wedding, this wedding was extraordinary.

The Newly-Minted Mr. and Mrs. Van Praagh

Anne Brossard Van Praagh

From the first moment we arrived to stay with the Harringtons at their fly pad in Crane Neck, NY, I knew that this was going to be a different kind of weekend.

Mark's Honda POS lost its lunch to the A/C gods so we jumped into the Jeep and headed north. I had my new khaki suit and planned to honor my dear friend Anne's wedding by being proper and handsome.

Anne went to and rowed for GWU together; later, in 1996, we backpacked together around the world on round-the-world tickets.

Back at home, Anne attended Columbia U and then joined the staff of Moodys as a Goddess.

She later met Ian at Ian's birthday party. She made a play and 18-months later, they are husband and wife.

And what a wedding.

It would have made Martha Stewart rush from the house crying, ashamed that she was in fact a hack and an imposter.

From the gentle amusing barbeques and brunches at various scenic beach clubs and homes to busy the guests to the picturesque phenomenon which is the Van Praagh compound.

Immaculate grounds, a stunning rose garden, fine dining, an open bar (featuring a Long Island summer ale and Stella Artois), delightful caterers, an historical band, a gorgeous bride, a perfect day, spirited toasts, delightful company, and all the other fixings of the perfect wedding.

And what a gorgeous couple, as well. Anne was radiant, the tiara a birthright. I burned over 12-rolls of Fuji Sensia slide film so I should be getting some delightful images up for the couple and their guests.

And for the entire wedding, Mark and I were put up by the Harringtons. Mary Harrington is a Yoga Instructor so we slept on futons in the studio. I like to say that sleeping in a yoga studio takes some getting used to.

Waking up in a pose like this a couple nights in a row leads me to believe that yoga studios are not meant for house guests.

I will talk more about the wedding as I recollect.

Jul 01, 2002 10:15 AM