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The beginning of URBAN.NET

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I had the domain name URBAN.NET and I wanted to create a community based on urban people and their wants and needs.

The beginning of URBAN.NET

The beginning of

It was such a huge task -- to make a portal for the urban people that I kept on putting it off -- but I wanted a cool community that I could be on and I also had an enormous unacademic facination with memetics (back in 1993 I found this lexicon) and have seen it be a part of my life in everything I was experiencing. I had accepted the job at Caucus and Scott wanted to give me my own Caucus SWEB to play on and I arbitrarily chose MEMES.ORG -- and so it was not nearly as intimidating and so there I started. I went over to caffmag and stole the colors and busted out Adobe Imageready and hackd the images and hacked the CML and the app scripts and fashioned the Public_html page to make it BSG and there you have it. It runs on the above-mentioned box and is backed up every night at 3am and the entire world is held in a SCSI drive of 2G and there you have it. I will expand on it as I think about it more.

May 28, 2000 12:00 AM