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In the beginning there was URBAN.NET And Chris felt the pull of creativity The need to begin a community.

MEMES.ORG Genesis Genesis

But the porthole was complex 
and so Chris waited. 
Then there was the Job at Caucus, 
The offer of a SWEB, 
and so relief from complexity 
in the design of a porthole. 
And so Chris chose MEMES.ORG 
For from the great lexicon 
He had learned 
The secrets of Memetics. 
From the caffmag he added colors. 
With Adobe he hacked images. 
Brought form to the scripts. 
And fashioned the Public_html page. 
And all exists upon the great SCSI 
2 Gigs within the allmighty Box. 
And we are protected by the backup 
For it shall forever occer at three am 
and thus we are preserved. 
All praise the Abraham! 
All praise Chris! 
May the Box never glitch. 
May never 404.

(Originally posted May 28, 2000)

May 28, 2000 12:00 AM