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My Name is Scibe

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Back in 1994 I was part of a collaborative hiperfiction project called My Name is Scibe by Judy Malloy.

My Name is Scibe

My Name is Scibe

This work, found on the Well and on the site of Judy Malloy, written simultaneously on ARTS WIRE and on The WELL, was begun while Judy Malloy lay in bed in Tempe, Arizona, recovering from a serious accident. I could not go out, and sometimes days went by when there was no human contact.

The collaboration (hoped for but not asked for) was spontaneous.

While (restlessly fictionizing on a laptop generously lent to me by Xerox PARC), Judy Malloy wrote out the pain, other writers added words about the details of their lives, providing windows on the world for "scibe".

copyright 1994 Judy Malloy, Tom Igoe, Chris Abraham, Tim Collins, Anna Couey, Valerie Gardiner, Joseph Wilson, Doug Cohen


Aug 17, 1994 12:00 AM