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Mein Fahrrad Was Stolen Last Night

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I received an email from my business partner, Mark Harrison, at 0500 this morning that I saw when I woke up this morning: ":-( All three bikes got stolen last night. Fuck."

Mein Fahrrad Was Stolen Last Night

My SOMA Delancey

The three bikes in question were my SOMA Delancey single speed and Mark’s old reliable Giant mountain bike, a bike that Mark has owned for probably more than a decade, and a spare green piece-of-shit

Well, I really loved my SOMA Delancey single speed and can highly recommend getting one. Since they sell the Delancey as a frame, I got to build the bike up from the frame, and really bought some amazing components for her.

I really had her dolled up with a Miche crank, a Chris King headset, a Brooks Professional saddle, a Shimano 105 brake, a Salsa stem and seat tube, and a gorgeous wee two-finger brake lever.  She was nimble but she was not a fixed-gear bike, she was a single-speed.  I will miss her and I am sorry that she was stolen.

May she rest in peace.

My SOMA Delancey single speed

Jul 15, 2008 02:15 PM