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Looking for a new Mobile Phone and Provider

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I have been a pretty happy customer of AT&T Wireless since 1996 and have had very much the same phone the entire time. First it was the Nokia 6160 and now it is the Nokia 5160 with an orange face plate. It might be the perfect phone, but I am aching to add a load of cool features to my mobile that the 5160 cannot support.

Looking for a new Mobile Phone and Provider

Nokia 5160

I have been pretty excited when looking around at all the cool technology available in Europe, and especially about the Japan's iMode ala DoCoMo. I ache for SMS and Web Clipping and WAP and file access and GPS and whatnot. Many of these things have been available in Euroville since 1995-1996, but GSM is pretty new here. So, Sprint PCS has a lot of bells and whistles, but I am the kind of man who likes the way the Nokias and (less so) the Ericsson handsets look and feel. I was looking at Voice Stream wireless and didn't quite know what to do, although I might have my eye on the Ericsson T28 World phone. Any advice on Mobile Phone services providers and plans and World Service? What kind of experiences have you had with your WebPhone and whatnot?

Mar 07, 2001 12:00 AM