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London Life After Dark Sunday

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London just after dark and into the night near Piccadilly and so forth Just Isn't Cricket.

London Life After Dark Sunday

Piccadilly Circus London

Its rough, tumble, and belligerently drunk. That said, I was able to harness a little bit of Chris Magic(tm) after leaving the Internet Cafe

I don't actully possess a map of London. I have been following my bliss. By the time 12:30am came around, I was well lost. The streets are dodgy but not dangerous... quite the opposite of Washington's.

Finally, after being unable to find a taxi, I thought that I would in fact have to actually ask directions. Just then I came across a man who was pushing his car. Being Big and Burly, I made quick work of pushing his car around the corner.

JJ apparently has his Accord tricked out with the top-of-the-line security system. Thing is, the radio tower buggered his remote, so his car was incapacitated.

When I easily pushed his car about a kilometer, he got it started and I was rewarded with a new friend in London -- he's Filipino -- and street-to-door service.

Sadly, I have to go -- I have lunch plans -- but I am still not on England time and I slept til noon.

More later!

Jul 29, 2002 06:40 AM