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I'm going to have ChatGPT ghostwrite my unfinished spy novel

I am totally going to have ChatGPT write my novel for me... I fed in a bunch of chapters from my unfinished novel, Hill Mole and this is what ChatGPT did with it!
I'm going to have ChatGPT ghostwrite my unfinished spy novel

Hill Mole star-nosed mole

Here's the original version of my unfinished novel, Hill Mole, which I have been writing in fits and starts since May, 2005.

Washington, DC - A City of Intrigue

Chris had lived in Washington, DC, for over eleven years, working in the private sector. He had never been an employee of the government nor had he worked in the military. The closest he had ever come to a security clearance was the light review the Secret Service made in order to let him work as a contractor to the Treasury Department.

However, Chris began to realize that he was part of something much larger, something planned. Washington was a planned city, from the radial patterns of the avenues to the manicured grounds of the Capitol. The city was rife with intrigue and Chris was a part of this.

One day, a friend of Chris, W, flew in from Berlin looking gaunt and exhausted. As he took a shower, Chris played with W's watch, a big stainless steel dive watch, all bezel and links. But as he returned the watch to the table, W emerged from the steam, collected the watch and in one deft motion, unclasped the bracelet and returned it to his wrist. Chris never met W's eyes or ever looked at the watch again.

Chris started to become privy to the patterns, the threads that made up the fabric of the city. He began to notice that the entire infrastructure was designed to prevent widespread panic, to keep the people calm in a very dangerous world. The majority of military funds and resources were dedicated to this. But for some reason, Chris began to know, he began to become privy to the patterns.

His buddy was in the business, and he would tell Chris stories about his days in training, which revolved around making yourself inconspicuous. Chris realized that in Washington, nobody was truly private sector, those fully awake had top secret clearance, and they had the character and discretion to see the big picture.

Washington, DC, was a city of intrigue, and Chris was part of this little Passion play. He was a dupe and a fool, but this time he was merely a dupe and a fool. He was part of a system that could easily be recognized, a community, a city, a nation.

The story of Chris and his journey to becoming privy to the patterns of the city was just the beginning. He was determined to uncover the truth, to understand the real plan and to make sure that he was no longer a dupe or a fool.