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Good and happy news for the Fall Team Challenge

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I got in 10,085 meters today and got in some much faster power-10s and power-20s and was able to bring down my pace down to a 1:50-2:02 pace. It’s not reflected in the log below but I am sure it’ll start manifesting in greatness, speed, and power down the road as I just get physically stronger, fitter, with bigger lungs and a stronger heart. I believe!

Good and happy news for the Fall Team Challenge

2018 Fall Team Challenge

Date/Time Duration Distance Stroke Pace Watts Cals HR
10/2/2018 23:34 10:04.7 1,879m 27spm 2:40.9 84 97cals 143
10/2/2018 22:48 10:04.8 1,830m 28spm 2:45.2 78 94cals 144
10/2/2018 22:22 10:32.2 1,891m 25spm 2:47.1 75 96cals 141
10/2/2018 21:50 12:47.9 2,240m 26spm 2:51.4 70 114cals 142
10/2/2018 21:22 13:05.6 2,245m 26spm 2:54.9 65 114cals 136
    10,085m 26.4spm 2:47.9 74.4 515cals 141.2

I lost my first position in the Potomac Boat Club team boat to Michael McGuirk so I doubled-down and chased down the 76-year old Bel Air, MD, resident who has been kicking my butt since day one.

1 Chris Abraham 48 Arlington, VA USA 113,170m
2 Michael McGuirk 76 Bel Air, MD USA 106,532m
3 Paul Holland 39   USA 60,259m

‘s my paceman. He inspires me and I hope, one day, to meet him. I mean, we belong to the same boat club, right?  I feel like I have a little bit of room between Paul Holland and me–but all he needs to do, at 39, is get on his seat for three or four hours and I’m toast.

Globally, across the Fall Team Challenge, PBC is 148th (from 145th)

148 Potomac Boat Club On-Water 579,477m 14 41,391m

Compared to other on-water clubs with 6-20 members, we’re back to 11th from 10th:

11 Potomac Boat Club On-Water 579,477m 14 41,391m

Personally, compared to everyone, I am 828th (my apartment number), up from 877 (woot!):

828 Chris Abraham M 48 Potomac Boat Club 113,170m

And, then, compared to only on-water clubs, I am 46th (up from 52nd):

46 Chris Abraham M 48 Potomac Boat Club 113,170m

I’m very happy with the results. Thanks to Michael and all of you for your motivation, support, help, and encouragement! Mahalo!

2018 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge Feature

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