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Director of Sales at eResources

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Yesterday at lunch I accepted a position as a salesman for eResources LLC.

Director of Sales at eResources


I am back in Washington, tanned and rested and although its only been a couple weeks since I was pitching and slamming through the blue Pacific waters, I began a new job on Friday as VP of Sales for a young and spry local technology company called eResources, LLC.

eResources is a technology services company with a host of very cool solutions for local Associations, Non-Profits, and Think Tanks.  IT on Demand offers on-site tech support, hardware and software solutions, help desk and support outsourcing, and technology audits which allow us to come on over, sit down with you, and see where your current solutions might run into a dead end, where your current solution might be blind sided, and how to get the best bang for your techn dollar. eResources offers an amazing menu of products and services in addition to IT on Demand such as Email hosting, Exchange server hosting, content management solutions, web hosting, and web development.  WhateResources is is a one-stop shop for just about anything tech-related.

So, since I have been a geek, a techie, a developer, a designer, and programmer since 1993, I am excited to now take all my experience in the trenches into the field where I can tap both the geek and the social animal to ensure a smooth and fluent translation between what clients need and how they can get it from us, the propeller heads.  Sales for me here is not about pushing widgets, its about being an evangelist. A proponent for technology, for doing it right the first time, for not wasting money, and for keeping it simple.  Since 1993, I have been a major consumer of geek and I have been a major geek; I want to act as the reassuring handshake between people who need to work together.

May 08, 2003 12:00 AM