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The Last American Wizard: Day of the Dragonking

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This book is like taking an acid trip right before taking a guided tour of Washington, DC.

The Last American Wizard: Day of the Dragonking

Day of the Dragonking (The Last American Wizard Book 1)

While I wouldn't want to actually have Terry Irving's brain, I am really glad that I can borrow it for a while because The Last American Wizard: Day of the Dragonking is a crazy rush.

The simplest description of Dragonking is that it's about an evil magical cabal that wants to conquer the world with black magic.

However, there's also a triple-secret government agency that is tasked with fighting the dismantling of our consensus reality. And they got nothing except a hapless washed up journalist who is, unbeknownst to him, the last good American wizard. And he's partnered up with a blonde bombshell who is actually a full-fledged SEAL, a Chinese ghost in a cell phone, and a bad-tempered BMW.

But that makes it sound too sane, too same. it's much more crazy, wacky, wild, and amazing.

What's more, it takes place in the DMV, greater Washington, DC, including Fort Meade, Maryland, all the way down to Rosslyn, Virginia, including lots of cool DC haunts that may or may not actually exist in the world. I was rapt but every ten minutes or so I leaned over to my girlfriend and read her a sentence or two, crossed my eyes, and asked her, "so, that just happened . . . at Tune Inn!"

It's a wild ride, it's totally cool, and by the end, you'll believe in a where D&D-level magic threatens to infect the entire world, beginning with my home town, Washington, DC.

Apr 22, 2016 03:40 PM