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B2B Branding Strategies That Will Win Over Big Clients

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Creating a winning brand is difficult for any kind of business, but it’s particularly difficult when you’re dealing with big clients.

 If your clients are the owners of big companies then they know the ins and outs of creating a successful branding campaign. You won’t be able to win them over with basic marketing methods; you need to ensure that your branding is world-class. You need to create an authentic and engaging identity for your business. Here are some ideas for strategies that will win over big clients.

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Portray your business as a professional organization.

The first branding strategy that will help your business to win over big clients is a professional image. Obviously, authenticity is key, as mentioned in the introduction. You should be aiming to develop a company that is professional in every aspect. But presentation is so important to the success of any brand. Whether your business is actually run by a devoted team of professionals or not, all that matters is making sure your clients (or potential clients) see you in the right light. Your business might still be growing and evolving with every passing day, but you need to talk the talk so that you set yourself goals to achieve.

And you have to spend money to make money. If you’re meeting a potential buyer at a certain location then you could even arrange for air transport to drop you off to really sell the fact that your business is high-class. Do you know how much a private jet costs? You should do some research because it’s not as expensive as you might think. And the payoff would definitely be worth it. There are other ways to portray your business as a professional organization, of course. You should make sure your customer service exceeds expectations. For example, you could send a handwritten letter to clients as a way of thanking them for choosing you. In a digital age of automated emails, this personal touch will leave a lasting impression on a client and make them seriously consider buying from your company again. That’s how you secure long-term paying customers.

Create a reputation that backs up your big talk.

When you claim that your business is the best in the game, potential clients aren’t simply going to take your word for it. People need proof before they invest their money. They want to know that they’re putting their trust in a reliable company. The best way to put a client’s mind at ease is to back up your big talk with a great reputation. If you have testimonials from happy clients then you’ll be able to prove to new clients that your business delivers on its promises. Your reputation is a huge part of your brand’s identity. That’s why people trust household names. People choose Apple or Sony over lesser-known brands because those names are known across the world. It’s not about which business is the best; it’s about which business has the best reputation. Remember, a genuine brand is the key to your company’s success. Bigger clients will only buy into your brand if you have the testimonials to back it up.

When it comes to creating that great reputation, you need to make the right impression on clients. Earlier, we talked about making an impact with your brand by portraying a professional image. Small gestures such as a handwritten letter in the post can make all the difference to a client’s perception of your brand. If you want a great reputation then you need to treat your customers well. It’s as simple as that. Of course, you could look into micro-influencer marketing as a strategy to find influencers with big voices who’d give authentic reviews for your brand. If you find the right kind of client then you’ll get the testimonial you want.

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Wait for the right time to pitch your products or services.

The difference between big clients and everyday consumers is that businesses don’t always want to be sold things. Much like your company, they only spend money when they want to make money. There’s no point trying to sell to big clients. That might sound as if it cancels out every piece of advice given in this article, but the point is that a hard pitch rarely works with businesses. You just need to wait for the right time to make your sales pitch to a potential client. That’s why you need to constantly do market research to stay “in the know”. Pay attention to big clients in your target market to keep up with relevant news (set a Google alert so that you’re always up to date). When you spot an opportunity to sell a big client something they need, that’s when you pitch your products or services. Otherwise, you’ll probably struggle to get an appointment. Do your homework so that you know potential clients well.

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