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Staff of MemeSpace

Back in 1999 I started an online virtual community called MemeSpace. I ran it on on Red Hat Linux and a borrowed copy of Caucus by Caucus Systems
<> is a modest expression of love and life
Phillip J. Rhoades- Senior System Administrator
Shawn Nicolen- Senior Manager & Senior Organiser
Scott Burns- Caucus Sponsor and Grand Wizard
Dana Perry- Senior Facilitator and Organiser
Cori- Senior Facilitator and Organiser
Michelle Wolverton - Senior Facilitator and Organiser
BlackJohn- Organiser
Michelle Nolan- Manager & Organiser
Liz Warner- Organiser & Facilitator & Manager
Nancy White- Manager & Senior Organiser
Dirk Flinthart- Manager & Senior Organiser
John Schoneboom- Manager & Senior Organiser
Susan Doherty - Facilitator and Organiser
Chris Abraham- Site Host & Adminsitrator