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The Red-Hooded Sweatshirt

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I fell in love with an English Rose named Liz Humphries while studying in England at UEA. When I met her, we were at the Norwich boat house for UEA. She wore a big unflattering sweatshirt, red as a Cardinal. I imprinted on it.

The flapping folds of a balloon filled in
Brittle morning. The furnace empties in flame, 
air rippling light buoyant fabrics until the
Sky opens and lifts her palm, the balloon
Resting gently on the fingers, until 
Engorged fabric straightens and fills and 
Then, finally taut and rouge, lifts and 
Carries you like you carry bird cages 
From here to there, carefully balancing to
Not swing the cage, but giving the captive bird
Flight in those confines.

©1994 chris abraham

Jul 13, 1994 12:00 AM