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Spine Cracks

My spine cracks and pops
when moving in highbacked
chairs in wee morning hours
before the CRT.

I becon man pages on chmod
and take another gulp of
black syrup coffee.
I am convinced of sabotage.

An interlaced gif undulates
I wait on a jpeg download
photoshop ticks in the background
(I have 30M allocated)

My spine cracks and pops
Predictable like pocketwatch
my locket lids begin to burn
from the mac's predictable white.

I never expected blues to come
from third generation punkers
wearing elvis glasses and making
down by the riverside funk like
they were jiving in a chain gang.

Small camera on my hip
expensive and japanese
black pinhole instrument
@ 1/8000th of a second
E-6 and there you go.

©1995 Chris Abraham