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rotterdam is concrete
buildings sing in unison
"we are architecture,
look at us!"
holland with a skyline
the canals to harbor
cranes hoisting
bridges joining
concrete knees to pubis
the hotel new york --
people eating crustaceans
from an iced tray
domus artis a bellows sucking
full of surrealism
a cafe sponsored by
Lucky Strikes.
blue button downs and
black leather pouches
orange is the new black
in rotterdamse
bicycle lanes merging into
trams' tracks
mainlining postwar women
into postmodern netherlands
where everything is sponsored
by mcdonalds & schweppes
where the buildings sing where
the colors sing where the
hitensile steel cables
twing harp-like over
suspension bridges singing.
where we sing to alanis morisette
in the blue mazda merging
into blue veins of post-work
traffic through heart and
pumped into arteries back
to utrecht cs
where i can unwrap my sprained
knee and you can sit reading
mail, sniffing your sock and
listening to k's choice.

©1996 Chris Abraham