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Impervious dysfunction of the cortex
Blah blah blah -- yah yah yah
Unable to (blah yah) impregnate my
Bubla yooh -- cootie yahnny
Hoo-hoo yuterus of mindset,
Imagination -- run wild ideas
Of condoms and licorice --
Distended colorful Yanipooh --
Delectable tomfoolery!!?
Unbuttoned fly to fallen pants --
Disemboweled testimony to lost
Credibility. Lost perpetuability.
This (Yahoo pellinaly) constructing
Of idiosyncratic (blah yah)
Synonymy. Aching letters meld
To symbolic asserted Yuggy.
Symbiotic Lechery of unknown
Wants and ideas --
Lead to blasphemy.

Ack Ack Ack Ack
Yack Yack -- Hole in the
Wall (Head) -- Timbuk 2
And cloud 9 1/2 percent

©1991 chris abraham

Apr 30, 1991 03:10 PM