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It's Wild in Here by Robb Monn

easily falling to shakes and twists
twitches of palsy looking through
the glare on your specs
snatches of what we call before
before we called it anything
it sits on the other sides of things
blankly following our eyes
looking at the spiderweb doiley weavings finelines of thiknking
but looking more where we haven't cocconed and sucked dry
the geography of our exclusions
(so there they are not)
states of mind with antifranchise agreements no condos
no lawnmowers
it's wild out there
maybe too wild for this boy body
to live
visiting for bits and snatches
sitting on the fence by things other sided shaken with a lozenge of the novel
i look through the glare on your specs
loose the fisheyed world behind me
past my periphery --
i look through the glare on your specs
and see in your eye mine
and through that reflection
it's wild in there

©1996 Robb Monn