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Exploding Boy by Velton Ross

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©1995 Velton Ross

Exploding Boy

by Velton Ross

Exploding boy!
The kid who wanted
To know it all;
He tried to cram infinity
Into his finite skull . . . .
Exploding boy!
He desired to possess the wisdom 
Of all mankind,
But with the effort managed
Only to blow his mind . . . .
Exploding boy!
Were you not aware
That you cannot pursue, nor amass
Like one does knowledge?
That you can't become a sage
By taking hallucinogens, and
Going to college?
Exploding boy!
When the books wouldn't
Take you there,
And the LSD
No longer shed new light,
And you felt your quest was leading
Did you know that finally,
You were right?
But nowhere is everywhere
And everywhere is 
Zen --
So all along you were right on track,
Right where you were supposed to have been . . . .
Oh, exploding boy . . . .
If only you would have stopped
And allowed yourself
To simply see,
Maybe, then,
You would have become wise --
Instead of just plum crazy . . . .

Feb 12, 1995 09:20 PM