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©1992 Chris Abraham


Before Sex

the condom can only be 
used once be sure that the penis is completely 
dry before putting on the 
condom use a new condom every time you have sexÑ

before foreplay before 


gets anywhere near any 

body opening 

(to avoid exposure to any body fluid that can carry infection) 

handle condom gently put condom on as soon as the 
is hard the condom has a pointed tip so it is 
easy to know which way to put it on be sure this 
tip is on the outside hold the 
directly against end of hard penis squeeze 
the pointed tip so no air is trapped 
inside unroll the condom all the way down to the 

use condom

After Sex

for added safety hold the 
condom in place on penis to avoid spilling 
turn and move completely away before 
taking the condom off hold the open end of the 
condom near the hair and gently 
peel it down off the penis 
then slip the condom off throw the used condom away and 

no more sex without a new condom 

if a condom breaks and semen spills 

don't panic 

but quickly wash semen away with 
soap and water


Feb 12, 1992 10:05 PM