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A Native Dance For Royalty

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©1989 Chris Abraham

A Native Dance For Royalty

A native dance,
Saved for those of
Divine lineage.
Succession of movements
Owing gratitude to 
The oldest nation,
The first people.
Eight owing their lineage 
To Africa:
Four men, four women.
Glistening bodies
Rippling torsos
Chiseled into slate.
Orange and blue full pant.
Adorned: shells and beads.
Nappy hair, braided hair
Whipping and arching.
Bandoleers of shells across
Broad chests, full breasts.
Flailing, bounding
Jumping --
The pounding of drums,
Like an exaggerated 
Heartbeat, a basic
Hypnotic pounding.
Dancing prancing
Arms flailing up,
Around, down.
Stepping hard with
Full thighs and 
Tensed feet.
Gyration and pelvic thrusts.
Arms pitching,
Beat driving,
Sweat dripping.
Synchronized movement.
A dance of hot foot.
Bounding, thrashing,
Arms propelling in
Circles -- around,
As though the air
Would give flight.
Showing reverence to
The blood flowing within
Those honored and

Feb 12, 1989 10:10 PM