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Biznology in the 2016 Online Community Influencer Index

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Proud to see Biznology included in this article on the B2B News Network.

Biznology in the 2016 Online Community Influencer Index


Tracey Tong just wrote up a piece in the B2B News Network titled Online Community Influencer Index that includes the blog I write for every Tuesday morning, the Biznology Blog. We're terribly proud to be included. We're surely the "one to watch:"

… And one to watch: Biznology


Membership: Over 5K followers on Twitter and about 2K email subscribers

Main form of interaction: Webinars

Nominator: James Mathewson, Distinguished Technical Marketer, Search at IBM

For a number of reasons, many B2B companies have had limited success with marketing, but the main one is that most marketing tactics simply don’t work for B2B.

Enter Biznology, a community that can help B2B professionals who don’t know how to build support for a digital marketing program. It’s here that the pros can learn best practices from what nominator James Mathewson, a Distinguished Technical Marketer at Search at IBM calls “a top resource for B2B digital marketing.”

The site offers a trove of articles and training opportunities – including a series of paid mini-MBA courses – for brand marketing, B2B digital marketing and digital public relations, among other marketing subjects. Once on the site, users can sign up for a free account to attend webinars and access past webinars in categories including digital, social media, Internet, content and B2B marketing, market research and website search.

Apr 08, 2016 11:54 AM