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Un Petit Mot de News

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Another sweet missive from our globe-trotting Golden Child, Miss Kate Turner. Kate is on her way back soon, from an extended stay in India. In both the palacial homes of friends from Washington, as well as in a Yoga Ashram as an acolyte Yogini. To follow is her latest email to the posse list.

Subject: dear friends - un petit mot de news
Date: 05 Sep 2002 05:51:52 -0400

hello there,

if i write in French it's because i've met a fantastic french woman here at the ashram. enjoying speaking in french together because she is quite exhausted with english all day - those who've tried to get along in a foreign country w/o knowing the language will udnerstand well!

never seen rain like this - incroyable. begin to get cabin fever, but then having satsang (an evening session of Hindi chants in a yoga hall) is magical with the rain pounding outside.

one of msot important lessons of this trip for me: c'est d'etre tres dure. to be tough - India will give so much to you but you must watch your back! iv'e already come close to being food for 3 parasites. i can explain later. hard to imagine the buying power that any westerner represents to these people. i keep thinking actually...this is such good preparation for the Hill!!

i cherish your quick messages - it's good to knwo what's happening at home. thank you. you set a place for me at brunch! i am smiling.

i'm so very happy here, but will be ready to come home. lots lots to talk about over a few Tunicliffes and Indian dinners at my new apartment. i will cook for you all - in a sari!


Sep 05, 2002 07:10 AM