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To Pittsburgh With Love

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I spontaneously sped towards Pittsburgh, PA, last Saturday afternoon. Hurtling Northwest on Interstate 70. Moving and passing right at 80-85. Sweet Suzi by my Side. Towards what I thought was an heroic act of being a Gentleman for Miss Sarah Connerley.

Alas, she had virtually nothing packed by the time I arrived, in less than 4 hours. Upon landing, we went to it. And although Sarah had to try to avoid a nervous breakdown, she did swimmingly and we returned last Sunday night with two SUVs and a U-HAUL hitch trailer in tow and that's all she wrote.

Along the way, I got to meet Sarah's posse who is an amazing mix of Gorgeous Baristas and MFA Poets and Classic Motorcycle hooligans (classic as in Triumphs and old R65s, not classic hooligans). We feasted.

Flank steak. Grilled salmon. Hot dogs. And, of course, Polish Sausages. And loads of Yuengling and wine.

Fancy pretty slumming hooligans right out of Wallpaper*. Very bright, charming, cool, and I hope they all come to the Grotto.

Anyway, all I got to see, really, is Squirrel Hill, but its charming and affluent and cafe-cool.

So, once I buy my bike and have it under hand and I get used to her, then I will buzz up there with Sarah on my back, buzz buzz buzzing off to Pittsburgh for a true visit.

So, unlike Baltimore, I have nothing but kudos to offer to sweet lovely Pittsburgh. Maybe I should apply to grad school or law school at CMU.

Jul 16, 2002 02:35 PM