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Starting a one big-ass salad-a-day (OBASAD) diet for the rest of July

Instead of just going for a general One-Meal-a-Day (OMAD) or an OBAD (One Burrito-a-Day) diet, I am going to commit to a one big-ass salad-a-day (OBASAD) died for the rest of the month of July, 2022. Today's the 3rd, so it'll not be a full month, but I'll commit completely.
Starting a one big-ass salad-a-day (OBASAD) diet for the rest of July

One Finished Big-Ass Salad

I have lost control of my diet. I have been eating like a little pig. Like a big little pig. Like a sow. Like swine. Like a force-fed foie gras goose.

I am going to stop tracking calories; instead, I will just track my food eating window on Zero—an intermittent fasting app I use on my Android phone but is available for iPhone as well—and I will only eat one giant Giant salad bar every day, no matter how long it takes to eat up the salad. Be it over an hour or over an entire afternoon.

I really don't know how many calories there are but it'll always be a cobb salad the way I make it. I will always add dressing and chicken breast and hardboiled eggs and chicken and tuna salad in addition to mixed greens, spinach, lettuce, raw cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, but also slaws and salads, and all that. With the dominant ingredient being the green leafy stuff, but also with as much protein as possible. None of these BASs will be vegan or remotely vegetarian. 

I will try to track this process. I will take my weight tomorrow AM and see what happens over the course of the entire month. I will work really hard to no eat between salads. 

But, for the next 28-days, I am committed to one big-ass salad-a-day.

My day-one, mostly-completed, big-ass salad sitting next to my tropical multicam GoRuck Rucker 4 backpack.