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Social Bookmarking Strategy

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Making sure that your sites are "bookmarked" and "dugg" on the top social bookmarking sites can really help with site promotion and publicity.

Social Bookmarking Strategy

Social Bookmarking

Some sites, such as Del.icio.usdiggStumbleUpon and reddit can bring quite a lot of traffic and should be offered in the form of a “digg me” link either directly from digg or in the form of a plugin such as Sociable, which I use here on this WordPress blog. is an important tool. You can integrate it into your Firefox browser to extend your personal bookmarks. I have my / chrisabraham list of bookmarks listed on my personal web site.

There are so many uses. For digg, you can see from my personal blog that I have “digg me” buttons inlined with the content page, using a simple Javascript snippet. I also share my list of recent diggs on my personal site as well.

Reddit has been getting some attention now while Facebook and Technorati have jumped into the fray to become social bookmarking sites, of sorts, as well.

Newsvine is an excellent site if you are less interested in buzz and play and are more editorial and serious.

These are not toys. You have already probably seen either some of all of these little icons about: Diggdel.icio.usRedditTechnoratiNewsVineStumbleUponFarkNetscapeSlashdotCheck out the lot.

If you have a Wordpress blog it would be foolish not to install Sociable.

May 14, 2007 12:00 AM