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Review of Apple iBook 500MHz, 10G HDD, 128M RAM

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I own a new iBook in Lime Green. 128M Ram, MacOS 9.1, and its been a mixed blessing. Its fast, but I am now unused to the preemptive multitasking vibe that Mac has. It doesn't like to be pushed too hard to yanked around; I believe that it senses negative energy and crashed if I am not centered.

Review of Apple iBook 500MHz, 10G HDD, 128M RAM

Lime Apple iBook

So, its a curse in a lot of ways and I hope to be able to buy myself a desktop Wintel Box with Windows 2000 so that I can have more of the balance I need. I think I got this box so that I could use BBEdit and enjoy PhotoShop in the way I remember it working on my Mac. The Mac seems to be able to handle large files more elegantly than the PC, but I really want to be ablt to kill processes, and you cannot kill -9 on the Mac. So, when I get a Wintel box and so forth, I will give OSX a try, since its a flavor of Unix, I will be able to have true multitasking.

Do I regret getting the iBook? Yes and no. Can I recommend it? No.

Mar 15, 2001 12:00 AM | Comments (0)
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