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My Mojo Left With My Picnic Basket

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I am on the hunt for a new picnic basket.

My Mojo Left With My Picnic Basket

Best Picnic Basket

Ever since my long-time ex stole the fancy-as-hell picnic basket that my best friend Mark got me (to kickstart my studliness and mojo in the first place).

I have been much less Romantic and have done very very poorly in the dating scene.

I blame it on the loss of the handmade picnic basket, rife with a red checkered blanket, crystal glassware, real silver, little glass and silver salt and pepper shakers -- the whole nine yards.

I need a new picnic basket.

When my ex took my picnic basket (yeah yeah, "let's go on a picnic" was my thing) it was like Delilah taking Sampson's hair.

Poof, my mojo was gone!

Well, I am on the hunt for a new picnic basket and will start in the most obvious spot, ePicnicbasket.

If you have any ideas where else I can find something as fly, let me know.

Best Picnic Basket

Jul 03, 2006 01:00 PM | Comments (0)
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