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Kaweco Sport eyedropper pen conversion

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I first discovered the easily-pocketable trompe l'oeil on a folding table at a Berlin outdoor market and have been in love ever since, especially once I learned that you can convert the Kaweco Classic Sport from cartridge to having all the ink in the world using the eyedropper pen conversion.

Kaweco Sport eyedropper pen conversion

My green Kaweco Sport

After buying an initial opaque all-black plastic bold Kaweco Classic Sport with a gold brass clip I added at least two more. They all used Kaweco-brand cartridges and I was pleased. All was good. One day, I received an email, I think, from JetPens, that introduced me to the idea of pen hacks and pen conversions.

The conversion hack of the day was turning certain special cartridge pens into eyedropper pens.

Through the application of a little bit of silicone grease, the ink capacity of each pen you convert goes from the little expensive Kaweco cartridges to the entire volume of the barrel of the pen. The entire barrel becomes the ink reservoir.

While my all-black Kaweco is opaque, this is especially cool when using other Kaweco Sport pens that have transparent or translucent barrels, such as the orange and green pens below.

Instead of copying everything over here, here's a link to JetPen's helpful article that started it all: How to Do an Eyedropper Pen Conversion.

My three Kaweco Sport fountain pens in my blue black ink-stained hand

PS: Inking fountain pens without having droppers handy is a blood sport and not for the faint-hearted. Don't cry over spilled QUINK.

PPS: I ordered a dropper and some silicone grease from Amazon just now⁠—as well as another bottle of ink. Why?

PPPS: Don't you hate it when you buy a bottle of Parker blue black QUINK ink, get it delivered, fill just one pen, don't screw down there top well enough, then spill all but enough ink to fill another two Kaweco pens before it's empty? What a waste. Only three pens filled. Maybe the spill was to appease the Goddess of writing.

Jul 17, 2019 02:03 PM