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Increasing Your Chances of Landing A High Paying Job

In order to land a high paying job, you’ll usually be told to start from the bottom, work your way up, and be patient. However, you should be far more proactive than that if you want to make sure you land the high paying job of your dreams.

In order to become more attractive to potential employers, you should do your best to market yourself as an expert in your industry, as well as build your brand. You can build your brand and become known as an expert in a variety of ways; look for opportunities to speak at conferences, feature on podcasts, post useful information on social media/YouTube, and more.

Below, we have more helpful tips that could help you to land that high paying job. Take a look:


More On Building Your Brand

Let’s talk about building your brand a little more. It’s so important to keep your image consistent. Your brand is how you present yourself, so make sure you focus on outlining your expertise, things you care about, and more. Choose how you want to present yourself for a particular role and always keep that image consistent. An employer will want to see that you’re somebody who is passionate about the industry and determined to land the role, not somebody who is wishy washy and unsure. This is why consistency is always key!

Focus On Getting Plenty Of Exposure

This goes hand in hand with building your brand. Gaining exposure is key to getting your name out there and becoming somebody that companies really want to employ. For example, can you create a blog, build a YouTube channel, and speak at various conferences in your industry? These things can be a big help to your success.

Work On Your Leadership Skills

Leadership will always be in demand, so work on your leadership skills to up your chances of landing a higher-paying job. You could offer to mentor an entry-level employee for example, which will benefit everybody. You could even go back into education. You may decide to get your Master's degree in HR management or find a course that is more suitable to you, such as a graduate certificate in leadership.  Investing in yourself and your education is never going to be a waste of time or money when you want a high-paying job.

Take Smart Risks

Make sure you’re willing to take smart risks. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone - all good things happen there! For example, you could apply to jobs that may seem like a bit of a stretch at the moment, but feel the fear and do it anyway. Don’t hesitate to apply for a job you feel you can do well, and focus on what you are able to bring to the job. Know your worth and the value you will bring to a particular role.

Expand Your Skill Set By Cross-Training

If you want to make your resume even stronger, cross-training is the way to go. This way, you can prove that you have learned skills that enhance your areas of expertise and that you have pushed yourself. You could potentially shadow somebody else in your current place of work, for instance, and then share what you’ve learned with your department.

Obtaining Extra Qualifications

It can be time-consuming, but if you are looking to obtain extra skills, you can complete courses in your spare time. Whether it’s a BSN to FNP program or a mini-course in coding, you can make the most of your downtime to get these extra pieces of paper to further bulk up your resume. It’s important to have the right skills, but showing you are dedicated to your self-development and want to research around your desired career, it shows you are a top candidate.  

Research A Company's Financial Health Before Applying

By researching a company’s financial health before applying for a job there, you will get a good idea of the pay to expect. Create a prospective employer list, and then research them. If you find financial health and stability in your research, they are more likely to pay you well. You could look at recent quarterly earnings reports to see profit margins and net sales, or try looking at company reviews to see if the company is known for good compensation and career development. Find out whether they listening and responding like humans. Companies that are invested in their reviews and responding to them care about their company culture and what people think, so you’ll likely be a lot happier in a company like this. Speaking of reviews, reading company reviews from previous employees, such as the Primerica Reviews, can help you to learn the type of business you could be working for ahead of time. This will help you massively when it comes to understanding everything you need to know about a company. 

Sites such as Reddit, Indeed, and Glassdoor can help you on your way to learning more about a company. What past and present employees say can tell you more than enough about a company and give you a good idea of whether they are a good fit for you.

Use Social Media Sites Like LinkedIn

Social media isn’t just for stalking people you no longer speak to. LinkedIn is a brilliant site for finding and landing jobs. Nearly half of all internet users with a college degree use the site, and 41% of those who earn more than $75,000 per year do. Forbes found that 98% of recruiters use the site, too! When people are looking for hires to fill roles in their organizations, this is likely going to be one of the first things that they look at.

Join Professional Groups

Find and use professional organizations online to see whether you can join. You never know what you might learn and who you might network with. Look for industry groups relevant to your work on social media. Build connections and learn as much as you can about what hiring managers need in the industry you want to get employed in.

It’s also a good idea to find group meet-ups in your area. Meeting for happy hour, a coffee, or something else can give you a chance to make important introductions. You can then use your platforms to stay in touch with those you have met.

Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website will go a long way towards building your brand. Social media is pretty limited in what you can share, but a blog or website can contain all the information you could possibly want people to see. You can post your resume here, expand on your personal accomplishments, and get creative with a more customized space.

Above you’ll find numerous ways to increase your chances of landing a high paying job. Remain consistent and you’ll no doubt become successful!