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I am against pollution

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It's not a brave statement of belief but it's all I got.

I am against pollution


I am against pollution. I am against dirty water. I am against waste. I am against squandering. I am against toxicity. I am against NIMBY.

I am against recreational travel that requires too much flying. I am especially against business travel that could easily be replaced by a conference call. I wish miles weren't something to brag about. I wish people bragged about how few miles they commuted and flew the previous or that year.

I am against ecotourism because it does way more harm than good. I am against commuting in a world with ubiquitous Internet.

I am against daily commutes from exo-suburbs, exurbs, and exoburbs, and even from suburbs of above 5-10 miles unless they're by train or maybe bus. If you're going to commute on your own, ride a motorcycle. If you're closer in than 10 miles, walk, run, or ride.

Turn off the lights. Take a shower. Turn off the tap. Live in an apartment building in a dwelling as small as you can enjoy.

Heating and cooling a single family home is stupid and wasteful. Get off the grid.


Jun 02, 2017 02:13 PM