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Help find Leo the cat a home in the DMV ASAP

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We tried giving Barry White the deaf, odd-eyed cat, Turkish Angora, a brother cat in the form of Leo but it didn't work out -- Barry doesn't want any cat company.

Help find Leo the cat a home in the DMV ASAP

Leo from King Street Cats

It was an amazing experiment. We adopted a second cat from King Street Cats to give Barry a friend. We did all the things everyone suggested when it came to introducing two cats to each-other -- and things were going pretty well, until they didn't. 

Leo from King Street CatsLeo is a love. He's a sweet boy. Two-years old and sweet tempered, Leo has mild feline cerebellar hypoplasia which means he has very mild walking and balance problems, which is actually very cute and reminds me of Jackie Chan's Drunken Master

We really fell for Leo. He nuzzles and takes little soft-mouthed nips. He leans and engages and he was doing a stellar job of adapting and adjusting to a new home.  

Barry had other plans. Two nights ago, Barry completely piloerected into a giant fur-ball.  I wasn't there, but he wailed and screamed unlike any other outburst we had ever heard.

Barry scratched and pawed at the door behind-which we had Leo quarantined until we made the first face-to-face introduction. 

King Street Cats

The next day, through tears, we returned Leo to King Street Cats, after only a few days. Apparently, Barry really doesn't want a brother or a friend who is not human. We tried to give him the gift of company and he vetoed Leo.

We gave Leo up yesterday and also give King Street Cats all the gear and food that we bought and prepared for him, including his new bed and litter box. 

We're hoping that maybe you'll be his next family. He was a perfect gentleman and we were really honored to have him in our family, albeit for too brief a time. 

Leo is almost 3 year old, a domestic short hair, and the biggest love bug ever.

Here's Leo's profile on King Street Cats.

Jun 02, 2016 10:25 PM